NEWS STORIES AND COURT RECORDS confirms everything William Trudelle said about Anthony Woodward, Florida Default and Michael Echevarria is true.


Anthony Woodward filed some 700 false affidavits a month over several years supporting unearned padded legal fees for attorney Michael Echevarria, whose law firm is now the largest foreclosure mill in the state known as Florida Default. This lawyer scam prevented tens of thousands of foreclosure victims from reinstating their mortgage and keeping their Florida Home.

Florida Default settled an Unfair and deceptive practices lawsuit for 1.5 million dollars 2008 regarding their padded and illegal fees styled Bradley Cole V Echevearia. Part of the settlement was Echevarria was to stop filing false misleading pleadings, an agreement Florida Default or Michael Echevarria never lived up to.

FLORIDA DEFAULT LAW GROUP exposed May 2009 with the story by The Herald Tribune:  Lies a new tool in foreclosure. (Florida) Lawyers, in rush to regain properties, can exploit judges’ workload.

Tampa Tribune exposes the same systematic corruption committed by Florida Default that William Trudelle exposed 2004 yet the Florida Bar, State Attorney, FDLE, and Attorney General continue to do nothing.

Judge determines: Florida Default and Wells Fargo "have engaged in the systematic process of churning out unrefined and unexamined form pleadings, instead of producing and filing carefully considered legal papers," a bankruptcy judge wrote. see the Tribune article

Why did tens of thousands have to suffer? Real Estate is a supply and demand commodity, mortgage, foreclosure and litigation fraud has destroyed demand for Florida real estate causing prices to plummet and the business environment to degrade.

January 3, 2010 front page the Saint Pete Time exposes with the headline story:As mortgage fraud runs rampant, meaningful prosecutions in short supply.

April 2010 The Herald Tribune Reported Florida Default is Being Investigated for filing false and misleading foreclosure suits.

June 2009 Trudelle exposed Erin Collins Cullaro of the Attorney General Office as fixing the investigation against her former boss Michael Echevarria and filing false affidavits for Florida Default.
March 2010 ICE LEGAL exposes  Erin Collins Cullaro as filing several affidavits as an expert for Florida Default Law Group, the signatures are all different and some are dated at a time when Erin Collins Cullaro was not available to have signed the legal documents.
August 2009 William Trudelle appeared at the Florida Foreclosure Forum, held at Stetson University, Tampa Florida and confronts Bill McCulloms foreclosure panel regarding The Florida Default Law Group and presents his evidence of conspiracy and fraud.
October 2009 The Florida Attorney General is finally embarrassed into opening an investigation regarding and starting a civil suit against The Florida Default Law Group.

Florida Default Law Group must be investigated.

FHA borrowers per agreement receive protections against over charging from any contractor or third party related mortgage fees. Mortgage brokers are prohibited from claiming certain fees, cannot mark up third party fees, and are limited what they can charge so are lawyers. This is all part of RESPA 8a and 8b regulated by HUD and is an intricate part of FHA insured loans.

Micheal Echevarria appears to be above the law when he charged FHA borrowers for fees he did not earn, and illegally marked up third party fees for services that were not performed and exceed the statutory limits imposed by the Federal Government. Echevarria created alter ego corporations to perform third party services such as title reports, serve complaints and other services, instead of getting competitive bids as required per statute. Echevarria was able to get away with charging; inflated, uncompetitive, unearned fees because his associate Anthony Woodward, and Erin Collins Cullaro  claimed to have reviewed everyone of Echevarria's foreclosure files, and swore under penalty of perjury that all 700 files per month for some five years contained proper legal fees and followed procedures. Floridians instead of being able to reinstate a delinquent mortgage, were forced to pay an arrears but also some $2500 to $4500 in additional fees, making reinstatement almost impossible excluding that American from home ownership for the next seven years. This was compiled with Florida Defaults Law Groups known reputation to not return equity rich foreclosure victims phone calls.