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Florida Default Law Group Argues the New Verified Complaint Rule Does Not Apply To Them... Yet.

posted Jun 2, 2010, 2:52 AM by Bill Trudelle   [ updated Jun 2, 2010, 3:07 AM ]
Florida Default and other Foreclosure Mills are now arguing to Judges that their unverified foreclosure complaints should not be dismissed because the supreme courts rule mandating all foreclosure complaints must be verified is not a final order. Florida Default argues, "The decision by the Supreme Court in Florida specifically says 'Not final,'" said Miami attorney Gerald Richman, who is still fighting the new requirement. The issue may have to be settled by the Florida Supreme Court, though nothing is scheduled.

Some claim the continuing problems with the foreclosure process could affect the speed at which the housing market recovers by slowing the process of reselling properties and stabilizing the market. I believe the allowing people to keep their home and recover from the situation is by far better because after these people are removed form home ownership, they will probably not be eligible to own a home for the next seven years which will have a far greater negative effect on Florida's economy.

The vast majority of the state's housing lawsuits come from Florida's five foreclosure mills, all of whom have vast ethical problems being brought to light in the courts and Judges are finally starting to react.