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Social Media To Expose Florida Fraud

posted Jun 9, 2010, 8:15 AM by Bill Trudelle   [ updated Jun 9, 2010, 5:33 PM ]
Foreclosure Fraud Exposed With Social Media 7F2V9QCSUE5D
It is amazing to me the vast resources we have in order to tell the world what is on our mind, what is happening to us or those around us. Unfortunately the world responds quite often with “I don’t care”. When reading the numerous stories about about how another family was illegally evicted from their home due to a bank, attorney and court error why do we as a society do nothing? People with free and clear homes have been thrown out on the street because the Sherriff went to the wrong house, but who cares. People have been thrown out because they got in a “temporary” tough jam, and if they were given a little time they would have recovered, but who cares. Then there is always the consummate horses ass posting to these foreclosure stories with, “they knew what the risks were when they bought” or “its not the banks fault they could not have afforded the property they signed a contract”. Here in Florida after 4 –years we have exposed some 10,000 felons improperly working as mortgage originators, they committed massive fraud for an unearned pay check (is a contract constructed by a con-artist a contract), but who cares. Even worse these felons were hired by Broker Business’, Lenders, and the Banks who ignored the criminal history of their new felon employees and took there business, but who cares.  Regardless no mortgage broker could have gotten a loan approved without; a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac approval, the banks loan processor, underwriter and closing agent reviewing the file, but who cares. For some nine years every foreclosure is processed without any regard for the law or rules. The banks hired “Foreclosure Mills” who instigate litigation like no other civil proceeding is done, the Mills and the Courts remove people form there home with complete disregard for the facts or the truth. False affidavits by lawyers and their client banks along with manufactured documents where the Plaintiff failures to prove they even own the loan they are foreclosing, but who cares. Then there are the lawyer connected vultures that lurk at the clerks office arranged to buy the foreclosure property for pennies on the dollar, we are now discovering the bank would have been better off negotiating with original owner in good faith instead of forcing foreclosure and gong to auction, but who cares. I am a personal witness to people trying to negotiate a $400,00 payoff of a mortgage loan, instead the property sold for only $200,000 at auction. The owner filed a motion that the Judge denied and then the person willing to pay the original owner $4000,000 paid the lawyer vultures who made-off with a nice $200,000 profit in a two week flip (thanks Judge), but who cares

Who cares about foreclosure fraud, too few, that’s who.

I remember a priest story that circulated after world war two that went something:

When the Nazis came for all the Jews, I did nothing for I was not a Jew.

When the Nazis came for all the Polish, I did nothing for I was not Polish.

When the Nazis came for me there was no one left for me to cry for help.

I am William Trudelle a 20 year mortgage professional who cares, why don’t you. Please circulate this story using email and social media type in 7F2V9QCSUE5D to a search engine to find this unique story or go to your digg, stubleupon, , or any other social media account you use, and give this story a thumbs up, write a positive review, digg it or what ever necessary to show, You Care. America’s strength was always in its unity, something they we have forgotten and now we must reunite! 


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