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Proof Of Bank Of America Racketeering since 2004

posted May 9, 2010, 12:51 PM by Bill Trudelle   [ updated May 9, 2010, 9:25 PM ]
Evidence of Racketeering by Brian Moynihan and Bank of America Provided to US Law Enforcement and to Congressional Banking and Judiciary Committees.

Dysfunctional courts and dysfunctional banking regulation are tightly linked.
Washington DC, May 5 – Dr Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles County Resident, filed with law enforcement, with banking regulators, and with chairs of congress judiciary and banking committees detailed evidence – over 70 records – of conduct by Bank of America and its president/CEO Brian Moynihan – amounting to alleged racketeering at the courts in Los Angeles County, California. [1] The overall evidenced showed ongoing conduct, which was initiated by Countrywide Financial Corporation prior to its takeover by Bank of America, amounting to obstruction and perversion of justice, retaliation, harassment, and intimidation of victims, informants, and witnesses, money laundering, monetary transactions in property derived from prohibited activities, tampering with witnesses, and other extortionist conduct.  The fraudulent banking records, as a whole, documented that at least since 2004 - well before the onset of the current crisis – Countrywide Financial Corporation conducted its government-backed residential loan operations with no underwriting at all, out of compliance with Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), that loan files were routinely retroactively constructed through fax fraud schemes, that Countrywide engaged in corporate governance with no effective internal or external audit in disregard of Regulation B of the Federal Reserve,  and that the Countrywide Legal Department coordinated alleged criminal conduct by the corporation.  The records further documented that at least since January 2007  - still prior to the onset of the crisis – FBI, US Dept of Justice, SEC, Office of Thrift Supervision, Office of Trade Commission have refused to enforce the law on large US financial institutions and likewise – refused to provide equal protection under the law for individuals abused by such conduct. 
Following the take over of Countrywide by Bank of America Corporation, evidence was provided that such conducted was halted for about half a year, but was resumed immediately upon appointment of Brian Moynihan as BAC General Counsel, on December 10, 2008.  The records further demonstrated a dysfunctional Audit Committee at Bank of America following the takeover of Countrywide in July 2008, and routine failure of Bank of America to comply with Sarbanes Oxley Act (2002).  Furthermore, the records filed by Dr Zernik demonstrated that complaints filed in the past half year against Bank of America and against senior US Department of Justice officers, who refused to enforce the law and who allegedly committed fraud on US Congress in this regard, were not adequately investigated by Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and by US Department of Justice Inspector General.  Both offices have refused to answer on the complaints, while Dr Zernik claimed that the records provided more than sufficient evidence for indictments on racketeering of Brian Moynihan, Angelo Mozilo, Sandor Samuels, and others.
Representative Barney Frank – Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, Senator Christopher Dodd – Chair of the Senate Banking  Committee, Senator Leahy –Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Representative Conyers – Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and Senator Carl Levine – Chair of the Senate Committee on Investigations were requested to join Senator Feinstein’s pending inquiries on the Comptroller of the Currency and on US Department of Justice Inspector General in the matter. [2] 
Dr Zernik claimed that the case as a whole documents the tight linkage between conduct of the courts and the judiciary and the current disintegration of US banking regulation and financial systems.  Moreover, Dr Zernik claimed that the records documented the disregard and disrespect by US government and its most senior executive officers for US duties and obligations pursuant to ratified International Law – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and international treaties  – the Basel Accords on international banking, which the US purported to be a good faith party to.
During the past two years, during the period of the conduct alleged as racketeering, Bank of America has received some $200 billions in bailout funds at the US taxpayer’s expense.


Evidence – over 70 records – of racketeering by Bank of America and its president/CEO Brian Moynihan at the courts in Los Angeles County, California, filed with banking regulators and law enforcement agencies.

[2] Requests filed with chairs of congressional committees to join Senator Feinstein’s inquiries on US Office of Comptroller of the Currency and US Department of Justice Inspector General.