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Foreclosure Fraud is a Crime

posted May 26, 2010, 12:15 PM by Bill Trudelle   [ updated May 26, 2010, 1:25 PM ]
My name is Bill Trudelle, I have been posting to this website since 2005. I acquired the domain name after the idiot lawyer who owned it let it expire. Anthony Woodward had sued me for a year because I had bought another expired domain name of his friend and business associate Didier Malagies, they lost in arbitration and the court case costing me dearly for no other reason than me and my wife were named witness in his diverse case. During my in court battles with Woodward and Malagies I discovered an elaborate scheme being perpetrated on the people of Florida, by Lawyers, Bankers and FAMB Mortgage Brokers. Everyone was making money and no one cared about the massive frauds being accomplished to obtain mortgage loans and process foreclosures, "Damn The Laws and Rules, no one is losing money here." (yet) was the prevailing sentiment of the day. That was 2004 when every high ranking government official was warned and did nothing. If you have a mortgage and foreclosure fraud story please send it to use for review and publication.
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The foreclosure lawyers are out of control. They get sanctioned pay hefty fines yet continue in there illegal and immoral activity. IT is time to stop them in there tracks, the tide is turning and the courts are being painted in a corner where they have to listen to your complaints. Take action now or all will be lost.