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Florida Default Law Group cited by Supreme Court Task Force

posted May 9, 2010, 7:19 PM by Bill Trudelle   [ updated May 10, 2010, 8:37 PM ]

The Florida Default Law Group was sited August 2009 within the Supreme Court Foreclosure Task Force findings stating:

"Finally, it is critical that these firms be candid, clear, and truthful and accurate in connection with pleadings and affidavits filed with the Courts. A leading plaintiff’s lawyer and a major plaintiff’s law firm have been the subject of a public reprimand and sanctions due to untruthful filings with the courts. Judges continue to see affidavits of amounts due and owing signed by law firm employees, and cost affidavits charging very high service of process fees for process serving firms owned by the law firm principals. To some extent, it is fair to be concerned whether the press of the case load is interfering with a judge’s ability to police the conduct of the firms before them in these usually uncontested, unopposed foreclosure cases."

It was Florida Default that was sanctioned by the Supreme Court for this behavior, it was Florida Default that was sued and settled a class action lawsuit and agreed to stop this illegal behavior in a case styled Cole V Echevarria, and the Lawyers of the Supreme Court foreclosure task force know this inappropriate behavior continues and do nothing to stop these "lawyers" from stacking on illegal fees that make reinstating of a delinquent mortgage impossible.

There is so much talk regarding the lack of faith and respect of the Court, well here you go, why should any one respect an institution that allows such repeat callous disregard for the rules, court orders, and settlement agreements when all of the Florida Bar is aware of these violations and do nothing?