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Florida Attorney General Investigating Florida Default law Group

posted May 9, 2010, 3:10 PM by Bill Trudelle   [ updated May 10, 2010, 8:40 PM ]

Tampa-based Florida Default Law Group, one of the largest foreclosure firms in the state, is under investigation by the office of
Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum for possibly “fabricating and/or presenting” misleading documents in foreclosure cases.

Investigators say Florida Default Law Group firm “appears to be” a client of Lender Processing Services (LPS), a Jacksonville company which is also under investigation by the attorney general’s office.

According to the April 30 Wall Street Journal article, LPS, which processes and sometimes produces documents needed by banks to prove they own the mortgages, has acknowledged errors with documents they processed that were filed in foreclosure cases and said they have been fixed. An LPS spokeswoman said on Thursday the company is “willing to cooperate with any regulatory body that contacts us.”

In the May 1 article at, the Florida attorney general’s office was quoted as saying in reference to the firm’s paperwork under review: “These documents have been presented in court before judges as actual assignments of mortgages and have later been shown to be legally inadequate and/or insufficient.”

Banks, and ‘foreclosure-mill’ law firms, and the way they take control of homes from borrowers in default, are fast becoming the focus of mounting scrutiny by Florida judges and federal prosecutors.

A newly discovered website named that has been up and active since 2005 discloses much of the current foreclosure issues in Florida were known by top politicians including now Governor Charlie Crist. Per the website Crist was informed in 2004 of the problems with Florida Default Law Group, its use of “expert lawyers” like Anthony G. Woodward and Erin Collins Cullaro of the Attorney Generals Office. The site alleges a 15 year mortgage professional with impeccable credentials, informed Crist who then assigned Jay Burmer the Director of Fraud Prevention to the investigation and that Burmer then assigned Erin Cullaro to investigate her former employer Florida Default and several other high ranking members of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers. Erin Collins Cullaro is now being investigated because she acted as an expert for Florida Default Law Group, providing the same service in the same manor attorney Anthony Woodward was suspend back in 2004 and part of the 2004 complaint provided to Charlie Christ.