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Erin Collins Cullaro Caught Lying To The Court... Again?

posted Jul 14, 2010, 6:31 AM by Bill Trudelle   [ updated Jul 14, 2010, 7:11 AM ]
Erin Collins Cullaro currently works for the Florida Attorney Generals Office here in Florida as an Assistant Attorney General. Cullaro previously worked for Micheal Echevarria, owner of The Florida Default Law Group. Oddly enough Erin Cullaro was responsible for investigating and prosecuting White Collar Crime, including the vast crimes alleged by numerous parties committed by The Florida Default Law Group.  Erin Collins Cullaro has already been exposed for filing numerous affidavits on behalf of her ex-employer(ex ?) Florida Default, testifying that the legal fees and practices of the firm were all done properly, which is false on its face.
(All Of Florida Defaults Foreclosures are done by commiting fraud, violating RESPA)
Additionally, Cullaro signatures were affixed to affidavits during times she could not have been available and are so inconstant that there is serious doubt if she signed the affidavits. You would think Erin Cullaro would have cleared herself by claiming Florida Default forged her signature. Her problem is the person involved with the affidavit scheme is LISA CULLARO.
March of 2010 when this story was revealed to the public (not by mainstream media) and Erin Collins Cullaro was to be deposed about her disingenuous oaths, Cullaro went into a court of law and promised the court she would no longer provide affidavits for the Florida Default Law Group. Guess what? Affidavits dated June 2010 submitted to the court demanding Florida Defaults illegal fees be paid bear Erin Collins Cullaro as the notary for Lisa Cullaro.
With a date of service to the court completed by The Florida Default Law Group on June 28, 2010
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