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Erin Collins Cullaro Being Investigated by her Boss The Attorney General

posted May 9, 2010, 4:37 PM by Bill Trudelle   [ updated Jun 6, 2010, 12:50 PM ]

Erin Collins Cullaro is a former employee of the Echevarria Law Group now known as The Florida Default Law Group and now acting as an expert witness for Florida Default.

Erin Collins Cullaro now works for the The Florida Attorney Generals office in the economic crime division, a division of the Attorney General that is charged with the intake of complaints against Cullaro’s former employer, The Florida Default Law Group. William Trudelle, a long time mortgage professional, rallied against the activity of Florida Default dating back to 2004. Trudelle filed a complaint at the request of the office and never understood why his detailed complaint never received any attention, until he discovered that Cullaro, who was assigned to Trudelle’s complaint, actually worked for the very people who were the subject of Trudelle’s RICO and Racketeering allegations. The current Cullaro's investigation started because of her multiple different mysterious signatures appearing on Florida Default documents.

Trudelle’s complaint named several high ranking members of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers (FAMB), their CPA Morris Berch, President Didier Malagies, Lawyer Anthony Woodward, all as systematically performing mortgage fraud and hiring known convicted drug traffickers as loan officers (a fact proven 3-years later by the Miami Herald).  Berch lost his CPA license in 2004 but maintained his membership with the FAMB and his Mortgage Broker license til 2009. Malagies and Woodward were terminated from doing FHA loans in 2005 but kept his mortgage brokers license. Woodward was suspended from practicing law for filing tens of thousands of false affidavits for The Florida Default Law Group. Trudelle states “it all makes sense now, the very person who was suppose to investigate these crimes used to work for Florida Default and is currently helping them commit these crimes”. Trudelle references court filings that prove Erin Collins Cullaro took over doing the same illegal activity that got Anthony Woodward  suspended. Trudelle also references his June 2009 filings with the Second District Court of Appeals that named Erin Collins Cullaro. Trudelle comments, “Its a shame I had to wait until lawyers like Matthew D. Weidner, Esq and Ice Legal discovered what i always knew, I'm glad they kept the pressure on, perhaps now my five year appeal floating in limbo will finally be resolved favorably”.

Trudelle claims soon after he filed his RICO and Racketeering complaint, associated with hundreds of millions in damages and penalties regarding Anthony Woodward and THe Florida Default Law Group, he was the subject of; stalking, physical attacks, death threats, and frivolous lawsuits by judgment proof drug addicts verifiably associated with the parties within Trudelle’s complaint. Trudelle had filed complaints with the AUS Attorney Denise Barnet, FBI area chief Carl Whitehead, State Attorney Mark Ober, Florida Attorney General and the Department of Financial Regulation Bob Tedcastle. "Soon after I discussed my case with Cullaro the Department of Finance dropped their 8 month investigation into my complaint, why did so many Floridians have to suffer," Trudelle asks?

Soon Trudelle was brought to trial on multiple battery charges filed by his adversaries, one instance Trudelle was actually attacked by a violent lunatic with a long criminal history, where the eye witnesses vouched that Trudelle was attacked, yet the State Attorney Mark Ober filed charges against Trudelle. The charges were dropped on the day of trial. The other instance was by Anthony Woodward who Trudelle testified, “Woodward had put out a credible death threat against me and my wife and the State’s Attorney had failed to investigate or protect us in the past, he took the word of a know lunatic over ey-witness and me”. Woodward was even caught threatening Trudelle in the witness area at trial statingI am pursuing this in case I have to blow Trudelle away some day, I want the paper trail”, evidence kept from the jury. Mark Ober’s entire case against Trudelle was, "William Trudelle attacked Anthony Woodward in his office while he was working as an attorney suing Trudelle". Prior to trial Judge Gaston Fernandez ruled that Trudelle was not allowed to introduce that Anthony Woodward was actually suspended from practicing law on the day in question (a felony) who was suspended for the very allegations of Trudelle’s RICO complaint against Woodward. Trudelle was also precluded from proving that any lawsuit was won by Trudelle 14 months prior. Judge Fernandez then ruled Trudelle was entitled to a jury instruction on self-defense, then failed to charge the jury. The case has been on appeal for five years because the day after trial Mark Ober removed all the evidence from the file, and the exculpatory evidence has disappeared completely.

Trudelle bought Woodward’s expired domain plus to chronicle Florida’s foreclosure fraud, the Florida Bar’s inadequacy to stop unethical lawyers ,and the inappropriate power lawyers hold.