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Bank Wants Foreclosure Reversed Because There Motion Was Defective (and the $220,000 property accidentally sold for only $8,000)

posted May 26, 2010, 11:00 AM by Bill Trudelle   [ updated May 26, 2010, 11:15 AM ]
Lazy Judge Doyle, literally ruining lives with a rubber stamp denial of foreclosure motions where a hearing was required.
Yes you read the title correctly. Lasalle Bank foreclosed on a client, then tried to get the foreclosure set aside claiming a loan modification with the client, then filed to have it set aside due to a short sale. Both motions were denied by the rubber stamp (literally) of EX-Judge (thank God) John Doyle of Volusa County. LaSalle then filed a motion to have the foreclosure set aside claiming they were not entitled to summary judgment because there motion was defective and failed to comply with the rules. After the Judges third rubber stamp the case was appealed to the 5th DCA and that court released jurisdiction to the new judge handling the case to generate and actual order verses a rubber stamp on a motion.
Why did the lender want to get the foreclosure reversed you ask? Because they failed to show up at the county auction and a third party bought the $220,000 property which had a $201,000 balance for only $8,000. The bank now knows what it is like to be pressed in the unresponsive foreclosure mill rocket docket.