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Fight Your Foreclosure People Are Winning and So Can You!

Florida Citizens you can fight your foreclosure, there are real methods of fighting and winning a foreclosure that sometimes result in you owning your house free and clear, first make your lender produce the original note. Watch the video below from the Consumer Warning Network.


YouTube Video

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Your can fight and win a Florida Foreclosure case. Florida allowed so many unskilled mortgage brokers, underwriters and closers into the industry let alone convicted felons mortgage documents have vast errors that can be exploited to your advantage. Additionally, the vast problems with the unscrupulous foreclosure attorneys that have falsified foreclosure filings you do have a real chance at fighting and winning your foreclosure suit if you know what to do. Please watch the story listed below:


Currently, You also have a right to demand a mediation conference. A huge problem with several parties is lenders along with their foreclosure mill lawyers do not return phone calls to work out a resolution that precludes foreclosure. Worse the foreclosure mills and banks have equity deals in place and want to foreclose on you so they won't negotiate.

Must See Video Proves Banks Are Better Off Foreclosing Than Negociating

Government Foreclosure Rippoff