Foreclosure Defense Public Documents

Foreclosure Defenses must be proven and entered in your motion to dismiss, answer to a foreclosure compliant or both within 20 days of service. Below is a list of public documents for you to use when going to battle with Florida Default law Group and your bank using Florida Default law Group. You have a number of defenses at your disposal including "unclean hands". Every lender using Florida Default Law Group has to sign an affidavit admitting they reviewed the foreclosure file and that Florida Default Law Group did everything legal and proper. Time has now proven Florida Default Law Group Systematically failed to follow proper procedures and in many cases lied to the court and falsified legal documents filed into the court. This should make the banks liable for the systematic foreclosure scam against you and thousands of others (discuss with your lawyer). Worse Florida Default Law Group has previously sued and agreed to stop using fraudulent practices and has failed to up hold their duty per the courts order, which may prevent an estoppel or res judicata defense by Florida Default.

I have been a mortgage professional since 1989 and dragged through the court system since 2004 because of my exposing corrupt lawyers and judges. I have won more than I lost going up against marketed "Super Attorney's " with "AV" ratings (what a joke the rating system is). There are as many as 32 "boiler plate" defenses to a mortgage foreclosure depending if you purchased or refinanced and how long ago you allegedly signed the mortgages docs. You also have several "counter-claims" you can make against your mortgage lender, quite title, esstoppel, declaratory judgment, to name a few... You are going to need to file a motion to dismiss, then an answer with a possible counter claim, know your options before you do anything. Remember you have 20 days to respond after you have been served a foreclosure suit, don't get served!  It has been my experience that even the most educated people need to hire a lawyer, the courts are confusing, you need to know laws, rules, case law, legal jargon, and doctrine, it can be over whelming!

If you are in Florida go through the free section of the Florida Litigation Guide here you will find several defenses and counter claims supported by case law. Make a list of what you think apply to you so they can be reviewed with your attorney instead of going in cold.

Next go to the Free Foreclosure Defense Training Manual and read it cover to cover. Last buy the books above the right NOW! Just do it, you can down load the 23 Defense to Foreclosure right now and start educating yourself.

Example of a MOTION TO DISMISS Improper Service & MOTION TO DISMISS lack of oath per rule 1.110(b) (from Hundreds of foreclosures have been granted by summary judgment in cases where the court completely lacked jurisdiction, primarily because the foreclosure mills failed to ever serve the complaint on any alleged borrower. If you were never properly served you can stop the foreclosure judgment, if have recently been foreclosed and were never properly served you can have the foreclosure reversed by having a lawyer file a motion per Florida Rule 1.540 due to lack of service and court jurisdiction (no service equals no jurisdiction). Check your court file see if there is a sworn statement from a process server, if not, you have a great defense to bring to your lawyer and get your house back.

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Be tenacious, don't give up and don't give in, admit nothing in a hearing or pleading, get an experienced foreclosure lawyer, You can WIN.

01 Grogan Letter.pdf
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Lawyers life threatened when he investigate Florida Default henchman doing illegal loan flips 627k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

02 Sandy Arnold.pdf
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Affidavit of Woodward threatening Trudelle's life during a trial 147k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

06 FBI on fraud Overview.pdf
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FBI warned Florida that mortgage fraud was at epidemic levels in 2004 and the Government did nothing but license 10,000 convicted felons 255k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

07 OIG on fraud On Point Case.pdf
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Office of Inspector General regarding FHA loan fraud like the kind Florida Default committed
733k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

08 HUD RESPA rule 8a & 8b.pdf
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HUD rules regarding the collection of fees associated with foreclosures, proof Florida Default Law Group's fee scheme is illegal 375k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

09 HUD Treble Damage No Loss Mitigation.pdf
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Penalties assessed for charging illegal loan fees 76k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

10 HUD Rule on Foreclosure Fees pre 2001.pdf
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HUD fee rules prior to 2001 135k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

11 HUD Rule on Foreclosure Fees post 2001.pdf
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HUD fee rules after 2001 339k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

12 Woodward Bar Violations.pdf
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The Bar Complaint filed against Anthony Woodward 449k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

12a Woodward Bar Violations.pdf
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Anthony Woodward admits he filed tens of thousands of false affidavits 1243k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

13 Echevarria-Defective Foreclosure.pdf
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Florida Default and Michael Echevarria admit they are not entitled to legal fees in every single false foreclosure they have filed. 12k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

14 Echevarria Bar Violations.pdf
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Michael J Echevarria original Bar complaint and consent judgment. 2431k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

15 Echevarria Class Action Ruling.pdf
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Ruling against Florida Default in favor of class action 822k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

16 Echevarria Class Appeal Affirmed & Expanded.pdf
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Class action affirmed in Appellate Court 58k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

16a Echevarria SC Appeal.pdf
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Florida Default appeal to Florida Supreme Court 84k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

16b Echevarria SC Reply.pdf
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Reply To Florida Default Supreme Court Appeal 103k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

16c Echevarria SC Order.pdf
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Florida Supreme Court Order against Florida Default and expanding litigation immunity to new boundaries, giving lawyers and judges broader coverage. 63k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

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Class action settlement notice after years in the courts the only ones who made any money were the lawyers, and Florida Default along with Michael Echevarria did not even hold keep the deal. They are still lying to foreclosure courts. 44k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

Michael J Echevarria Letterhead w Erin Collins.pdf
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Florida Default Letterhead with ERIN COLLINS CULLARO listed as a senior lawyer 67k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

Echevarria pro-vest.pdf
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One of Florida Defaults shell companies used illegally mark up foreclosure fees 141k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

Florida Fraud Story.pdf
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FBI story on fraud occurring in 2005 yet no one did anything 109k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

Echevarria-Lightning Serve.pdf
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Another one of Florida Defaults shell companies used illegally mark up foreclosure fees 251k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle

HUD and General Accounting Office.pdf
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HUD and the General Accounting office regarding FHA insurance and the effect of fraud on its clients 427k v. 1 a minute ago Bill Trudelle